Bone Cancer

What is Osteoporosis

How do you define Bone Cancer? Cancer that develops within the tissues of the BONE, whether as primary cancer (cancer which originates in bone) or as metastatic cancer (cancer which spreads to bone after it has originated elsewhere within the body). Bone cancer that is primary is uncommon and medical professionals in the United States diagnose …

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What Are The Types Of Skin Cancer | Sign Of Cancer

What Are The Types Of Skin Cancer

Introduction Of Skin Cancer The skin surrounds the complete outer surface of the body and is the major place of interaction with the environment around. It acts as protective armour, save internal tissues from being exposed to trauma, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, extreme temperatures, toxins, and bacteria. Other important feature skin provides sensory perception, immunological monitoring, …

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What is lung cancer ? - Risk Factors & Early signs of Lung cancer

Lung Cancer

What is lung cancer ? Lungs are made up of two spongy organs that sit in the middle of your chest–the right lung, and the left lung. Each lung has sections called lobes, with different structures. The right lung is divided into three lobes, and your left lung has two lobes. Even though the right …

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