What Are The Top 10 Cancers In The United States With Cancer?

What Are The Top Cancers In The United States With Cancer?

What Are The Top 10 Cancers In The United States With Cancer?

Incidence of cancer and mortality rates are effective parameters offered by the National Cancer Institute. It is helpful to list the common types of cancer in the United States of America with the highest frequency after it is diagnosed.

Most of these cancer types have to have an annual incidence of 40,000 to qualify for the list. The numbers speak about the sorry state of affairs as many patients are added to the tally every day.

However, as far as statistics are concerned, we are presenting a compilation of the numbers that will provide an insight into the quantifiable damage the disease has inflicted in the United States of America.  

Let us briefly summarize the top cancers in the United States with some statistics to back these facts.

What actually is cancer?

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer causes the highest number of cancer-related deaths in the world.

People addicted to smoking are prone to lung cancer. However, non-smokers can also get diagnosed with it. The number of cancer sticks contributes to lung cancer. The length of time consumed in smoking is also considered.

There are many lung cancer deaths in the United States, and the number of new cases and the number of deaths add to the tally with each passing year.

What are the 1st signs of lung cancer?

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer generally develops because of over-exposure to the sun, and abnormal growth of the skin cells is witnessed. However, it may not leave out the areas of the skin that are not directly exposed to sunlight.

Skin cancer can be of generally three types:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Melanoma

The first two types are clubbed together and are often termed non-melanoma and are the most common type of skin cancer. They are very durable and have many of cases in the United States.

However, melanoma affects fewer people, contributing to three-fourths of all skin cancer deaths in the United States.

Limiting your exposure to UV radiation can help you reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is possible to detect skin cancer early, and successful treatment can cure it.

Skin Cancer Images

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a common cancer type occurring in women, and the earliest symptoms of it can be an abnormal lump in the breast. Other symptoms of breast cancers include nipples discharging blood. It may also change the texture and shape of the breast or nipple.

Radiation and chemotherapy can cure breast cancer. Surgery and hormone therapy are also used to eradicate breast cancer. 

The American Cancer Society has predicted many new cases of invasive breast cancer this year. Breast cancer causes the second-highest number of deaths among women only after lung cancer in the United States, and it is second only to skin cancer in the number of diagnosed cases.

breast cancer images

Prostate Cancer

The prostate is a gland with the shape of a walnut in males. It produces seminal fluid, essential to nourish sperm and transport them. It is very common and has slow growth. It occurs in the prostate gland only and hardly causes any harm. 

Very little treatment is needed to cure this cancer, but the aggressive types of prostate cancer spread very quickly.

One out of six people (males only) in the United States get prostate cancer. It is a widespread among men after skin cancer in terms of diagnosis. It has led to the second-highest number of cancer related deaths in the country. The number of estimated new cases is also very high. 

Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) and PSA screenings are helpful ways to detect prostate cancer early.

What are the first warning signs of prostate cancer?

Renal or Kidney Cancer

Renal and kidney cancer are analogous as cells in the kidney become malignant, and their growth is uncontrollable. This cancer can also develop into a tumor, and the first signs of it develop in tubules which are the lining of the tiny tubes. This type of cancer is often called renal cell carcinoma.

Estimates of the American Cancer Society have provided spine-chilling numbers about the total number of new cases and deaths occurring from renal and kidney cancer. The risk is higher for all those consuming tobacco, a vital component that causes this cancer. Hypertension and obesity are also significant reasons behind kidney or renal cancer.

Is kidney cancer highly curable?

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is a common type of cancer in the United States, popularly known as bowel cancer. It is also called rectal and colon cancer in medical terms. 

In 2022, the American Cancer Society has provided specific staggering estimates that will blow the wind out of you. This year, the number of colons and rectal new cancer cases is slated to reach 44,850 and 106,180.

Colorectal cancer has the third highest number of cases considering both genders. This cancer has wreaked havoc, and it is expected to cause a massive number of deaths in the United States this year, which is almost one-tenth of all cancer deaths in the country. 

Colorectal Cancer images

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The lymphatic system of human beings often gets affected by Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is the part immune system of the body and is essential to fight germs. In this common cancer type, the lymphocytes or the white blood cells grow in abnormal proportions. Sometimes, there are tumor growths all over the body.

Swollen lymph nodes are a prevalent symptom of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This cancer type is often referred to as NHL. There are almost 30 kinds of NHL that can occur in a human body. Considering all the different types of NHL, the estimated number of cancer patients with NHL is high.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma real photo

Bladder Cancer

The bladder is a muscular organ in the lower abdomen with a hollow shape essential to store urine. The urothelial cells of the bladder show signs of malignancy, and it can also spread to the ureters and kidneys. It also has the same cells in them.

The good thing with bladder cancer is that it shows symptoms early after being diagnosed, and it is very much treatable. This cancer has a higher survival rate of 80%, and most often, surgery can save the patient. However, if you go by the recent number in the United States, it is challenging for oncologists to keep a check. Therefore, it is imperative for those diagnosed with the diseases to consult the cancer care team and begin the treatment as soon as possible to avert all kinds of danger.

Are there any early signs of bladder cancer?

Endometrial Cancer

Women often have endometrial cancer as the disease slowly creeps in. Mostly it happens in women who are in the post-menopausal period. Cancer cells generally form in the endometrial tissues. Women are at a higher risk of this cancer by taking estrogen and tamoxifen are required for breast cancer.

The uterus lining or the uterine corpus starts to bleed abnormally, considered an early sign. There are various treatments for this cancer. The most common are radiation, surgery, hormonal methods, or chemotherapy. All of these will depend on your cancer stage. Many patients in the United States have this cancer, and the numbers are rising with each passing day.

Endometrial Cancer image

Thyroid Cancer

Cancer affects thyroid cells. The butterfly-shaped gland, popularly called ‘Adam’s Apple,’ produces hormones that regulate blood pressure, heart rate, overall weight, and body temperature.

In the beginning, no symptoms of thyroid cancer appear, but swelling and pain in the neck grow with time. Thyroid cancer also has many variants. Some increase in slower paces, and the rest are relatively aggressive. However, the good thing is that treatment can cure thyroid cancer.

The rates of thyroid cancer are increasing, and it affects women primarily. The rates of deaths are staggering in the United States. New cases are also increasing with time. Three out of four cases of this dreaded cancer occur in women, which has rung the alarm bells for many.

What are the warning signs of thyroid cancer?

Final Words

The estimated numbers of cancer patients are at an all-time high all across the globe, and it is no different for the United States. Although there is a sharp increase in the survival rates, common cancer types are still in a rage despite the availability of treatment options. 

If you have any near and dear ones suffering from cancer, consult the best oncologist. Do not compromise on consulting with the best health care professionals for cure.

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